The Value Lifecycle™ Series

I’m excited to announce my new book “Must-Win Deals (How to Win Them and Why We Lose Them)” will launch on November 13. In the past 20 plus years of working key B2B Deals from both the selling and buying side, I’ve distilled my experience to four critical things that we, as sellers, routinely do that make it challenging for customers to award us the business.

These conclusions have resulted from many discussions with buying executives about why they chose, or did not choose a particular supplier as well as won-lost analysis on the selling side.  My observations were that these four issues kept coming up consistently in the case of lost deals.  Several years ago, I started focusing on these four areas in my practice and saw firsthand, if we can avoid these common mistakes, our odds of winning (and winning big) will go up dramatically.

Stay tuned for more details!

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