The Value Lifecycle™ Series


“The purpose of selling is to create the potential for value for the customer – and this is what they want you to do.  They don’t want you to waste their time talking endlessly about your products, services and company like you competitors are doing.  Rather the sale should be all about them and the outcomes they want to achieve, which is the first step in the Value Lifecycle™.  This book is a prequel to “Proposing Value” and will show you how to create a compelling value proposition so that customers want to close a deal with you as quickly as possible.  Furthermore, the more potential value the customer sees, the more likely they want to close an even bigger deal.

The Value Lifecycle™ is a unique framework that looks at how a customer views an ongoing business relationship. Companies that are world-class at executing the Value Lifecycle™ model have much less account churn, enjoy higher conversion rates when selling to new customers, benefit from higher success rates at cross-selling and upselling, have higher margins on the deals they close, and retain customers longer.  In many cases they are virtually bullet-proof from competitor attacks.  Nobody is going to take that account away from them!”

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Your proposal is one of the most powerful ways you can differentiate you and your company from the competition. It facilitates one of the critical conversations in the Value Lifecycle™ of the ongoing business relationship. In short, your proposal has the potential to make you and your company look very different—in a good way. In this book you will learn to build trust and credibility through your proposal, making it easy for the customer to choose you and your company.

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