“Can’t-Lose Accounts” Hits Amazon Best Seller – In 4 Categories!

“Can’t-Lose Accounts” Hits Amazon Best Seller – In 4 Categories!

I’m very excited and humbled to announce the last book in the “Must-Win Deals” series, Can’t-Lose Accounts: Deliver Value and Make It Simple To Renew And Buy More, has been listed as Amazon #1 Best Seller in four categories including “Customer Relations” and “Sales & Selling”.  Check it out on Amazon [Susan, please add the link].

I can’t thank my clients, connections and followers enough for their support in making this first week of launch a huge success!  The results are because of you as we chose to not promote the book (I decided to spend the money on restoring my recently acquired vintage sailboat – but that’s another story for another day).

Finally, should you feel inclined, please leave a review on Amazon as this has a huge impact on rankings as well as search results.

I truly appreciate your support!