Tomorrow is November 1, which means Q4 is officially 1/3 of the way through. Realistically, it is more than halfway done when you consider the interruption to “selling days” caused by the holiday season and customer vacations. If you’ve hit quota already, congratulations!

If you’re still counting on one or two “must-win” deals to get you over the line, let’s talk about that. I’m betting you want to ensure the customer is excited about doing a deal; you’ve made it easy for them to buy (and sell internally); and you are prepared to make it a quick negotiation. Here is my offer to you or anyone you know that might be in the same situation.

1 on 1 Deal Coaching:

I’ll get on a teleconference call with you and the Account Team to 1) review your opportunity regardless of the current sales stage; 2) identify key risks to closing the deal by quarter end; 3) develop two or three high impact action items to close that gap; and 4) should you decide, continue the coaching calls as needed until the deal is closed.

Let’s keep this simple. No required training. No pre-work on your part. No limit to how often we need to consult about your deal. And…

No Risk:

If after the initial call, you feel this approach is not of value to you, then we’ll call it a day and I wish you nothing but the best of luck!  If you would like to continue through to deal closure, then the cost is only $500…period.

$500 per Deal:

This is far below my usual fees to clients when I am not just coaching deals, but also sales managers, sales reps, extended account teams as well as reinforcing training in a coaching setting.  We’ll simply send you an invoice for you to pay with a credit card via PayPal or Stripe – your choice and that’s it!

I tried this unique approach last quarter with several clients and found it to be successful. I’ve helped clients close over $15B in B2B Deals over the years and I hope I can help you or someone you know make this a great Q4 and Happy New Year!

Good Selling!