I’m very excited that my latest book, “The Compelling Proposal (Make It Easy for the Customer to Buy from You)”, is live on Amazon with the official launch on Tuesday, June 11!  For the first week ONLY, my publisher has set the price to $0.99 (Kindle version) for all my friends, colleagues, connections and followers. Check it out on Amazon.

For those that preordered the paperback version, I am told they have already started shipping and will begin arriving any day. Thanks so much for your support and your patience!

My overriding goal in writing “The Compelling Proposal” is to help those in the increasingly difficult world of B2B sales to realize that things are even more challenging for B2B Buyers – especially when their goal is to make an informed buying decision that often requires them to sell internally to other key decision makers. Instead of selling harder, we could be making it easier to buy from us – and sell internally.

The “lowly” proposal, which is often treated as an afterthought and seen as a “check box” step in sales, can be elevated to a strategic tool that clearly differentiates you and your offering. With just seven simple slides, you can reinforce trust, set up the “right negotiation,” establish credibility, manage uncertainty and invite the customer to buy (help craft the best deal for them) – which then becomes “their deal” and they are highly motivated to close it quickly! My clients have used this approach on deals of $20K to well over $1B. The decision was made, and the deal was done with just these seven simple slides.

I hope you enjoy!