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Helping the Sale–Technology and Transparency

In this blog, I would like to continue the discussion of how technology can play a much greater role in actually facilitating the right conversations between buyers and sellers.  Previously, we explored collaboration and in this blog we’ll explore the second of three attributes essential to any software and technology solution and that is facilitating transparency between the buyer and the seller.

Transparency: From the English / Oxford Dictionary




  1. the condition of clearness (synonym – clarity).

In researching the definition, I was surprised to find that the usage of “transparency” has more than tripled in the past 25 years relative to the previous 200 years and I am left wondering why.  Given the above definition, just what exactly should both sides work on to produce clearness or clarity? I believe there are three key opportunities for transparency during the sale: creating the potential for value, capturing that value in the right deal, and finally delivering the value after the sale.

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