A Great Book For Sales Management And Executives

A Great Book For Sales Management And Executives

I read a lot of books from a wide range of genres. From time to time I will read a business related book that I think is applicable to my clients. Today I am recommending Aligning Sales and Strategy by Frank Cespedes. Frank is a successful businessman and currently a professor at the Harvard Business School. You can pick up a copy HERE. If you are interested in his writing, he has many published articles concerning sales and strategy. Most of these are linked to his website.

There is a huge gap between most companies’ strategies (if they really have one) and the day to day execution of the sales organization. Many times they are diametrically opposed. Frank offers you a straightforward roadmap to articulate strategy so that those in the field (especially sales) can understand it. It details the systems and behaviors that are key to implementing the strategy.

The goal of a company’s strategy is to generate profitable growth – that is growth that generates a positive return beyond the cost of capital. It is sobering when you consider studies that show just how few companies actually achieve this. Furthermore, work by the Boston Consulting Group shows that targeting high value customers and then deploying sales resources with strategically appropriate criteria, will have more than three times the impact on revenue growth than sales efficiency initiatives such as CRM, sales process training, etc. That’s what this book is all about.

If you are in sales management or leadership, then I would say this book is a must read.