Customers are changing how they buy and what they demand during and after the sale. What’s changing and what challenges does this present? Watch this brief video to hear our thoughts.

Why Value Lifecycle™?

In the B2B world, it’s common that 20% of your customer base generates 80% of your revenues. Consequently, just one slipped or lost large deal can spell the difference between making the quarterly or annual numbers and being a hero… or reporting disappointing results. Additionally, changes in the B2B ecosystem are creating more uncertainty and more risk–for us and the customer. Our task is to manage this uncertainty and risk.

Sure you’ve put your best people on these accounts, but have you given them the best tools to be successful? OUR APPROACH IS NOT A SALES PROCESS OR SALES TRAINING! Rather, ours is an end-to-end, customer-centric system that supercharges your investment in existing sales, negotiation, account management and customer success processes. In short, we empower your teams to win that critical deal, make it a great deal for both parties, ensure customer renewal, and generate more business with that customer.

Can We Help You?

How do we do that? We focus on the critical customer touchpoints and outputs of your current processes. If you can check each of the boxes below, then you don’t need to waste your time contacting us because we’ll simply say your processes are being effectively executed.

  • Our teams consistently present an irresistible Value Proposition for each opportunity – our close rates are way above industry benchmarks
  • Our teams always present a compelling Proposal that makes it easy for the customer to choose us, reinforces trust & credibility, and manages the uncertainty surrounding complex deals – our sales cycles are the shortest in the industry
  • Our teams invariably know what a Great Deal looks like for any opportunity they pursue – the resulting deals provide superior economics for our business
  • Our teams readily and effectively respond when the customer tells us “Your Price Is Too High…” – our slipped deals are nearly non-existent
  • For every major account, our teams can easily detail the Past Value Delivered to that customer – our customer churn is very low. As a result…
  • For every major account, the customer voluntarily hands our teams new opportunities – we win our unfair share of new upsell and cross-sell business

If you can’t check all of these boxes, we should talk…

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