What Value LifecycleTM Delivers

In the B2B world, winning, keeping, and growing customers is the life blood of business. In addition, the business won and retained must be profitable, providing positive return on invested capital. Yet companies are continually plagued by a suspect sales pipeline, slowing sales cycles, margin impairment, and customer churn. In most cases this is because they are not effectively managing value. Value LifecycleTM helps you pinpoint your most critical value management issues and integrate strategies, processes, and management controls to reverse those negative trends and return to profitable growth.

Strategic Consulting

Business strategy can be defined as the choices a company makes to achieve a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Are you closing the right deals that best support your business strategy? Companies can talk all they want about strategy in the abstract, but for B2B firms, the de facto business strategy is the aggregation of closed deals.

Defining a strategic deal profile enables a company to clearly articulate how the strategy will be executed at the individual customer level. In short, it gives management a “granular” tool with which to both align sales and strategy and to execute that strategy—one deal at a time.

Live Deal Consulting

During Live Deal Consulting, Value LifecycleTM works one-on-one with account teams to position, propose, negotiate, and close critical deals that align with corporate strategy. Consulting is typically accomplished through a combination of face-to-face meetings and scheduled conference calls with account teams throughout the sales cycle.

Training and Workshops

Training is essential to any change initiative. Value LifecycleTM workshops are designed to impart new concepts and new ways of thinking while providing implementation tools and practices to affect the strategic goals of the organization. Our workshops address real business issues in an interactive format that emphasizes participation, and pragmatic problem solving. Each concept is applied to the participant’s business, live accounts, live opportunities and live negotiations.

Speaking Engagements

Steve Thompson has spoken at hundreds of corporate and association events to diverse audiences ranging from C-level to field. Common themes for sales organizations include aligning sales and strategy, increasing sales pipeline, increasing conversion rates, reducing discounts, reducing customer churn, and what customers on the other side of the table are thinking.

When speaking to buying or procurement organizations, predominant themes include understanding what is happening on the seller’s side, determining the right business outcomes, selecting the right negotiation levers that will achieve the outcomes, deciding what a great deal would look like, and measuring results after the negotiation.

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