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Meet Steve Thompson, The Mind Behind the Value LifecycleTM

For over two decades I have consulted with some of the world’s largest and most successful companies (as well as many smaller businesses) to help position, negotiate and close critical business deals – on both the buying and selling side of the table. From the seller’s standpoint, these B2B deals were closed with the desire for a long-term business relationship. After all, who could argue that winning, keeping and growing customers profitably is not one of the primary objectives of any business? Yet, many of these companies struggled with customer dissatisfaction and often significant churn after the sale.

This observation created an obsession to answer the question “what truly drives mutually beneficial long-term B2B relationships?” Pursuing this question simultaneously from both the buying and selling side, has given me unique insights and perspectives into the dynamics of ongoing business relationships. Observing successful teams and analyzing what they were doing differently from their peers, I have concluded that one concept - value - is at the heart of every sustainable business relationship.

The recent emergence (and rapid growth) of subscription services such as SaaS (what I term “Something as a Service”) has brought this question of ongoing business relationships into sharp focus. By its very nature, a “service” is much less tangible than a product, therefore understanding the value a customer expects is critical to selling it. Also, the successful implementation of a subscription model requires keeping and growing ACV / MCV and thus is dependent on low customer churn. As a consequence, it is imperative that SaaS companies deliver the expected value after the sale in order to keep and grow customers.

Throughout this journey, I have also found value be one of the most misunderstood (and often abused) concepts in business. And yet those businesses that effectively manage value throughout the customer experience produce superior business outcomes. When executed day in and day out, these companies enjoy:

- Shorter Sales Cycles: Customers will want to close a deal quickly when they perceive significant value in your offering
- Larger Average Deal Sizes: To close bigger deals, sellers must put more strategic value on the table
- Higher Conversion Rates: You win deals because customers clearly see the value relative to their alternative (you lose because they don’t)
- Lower Discounts: Customers become less focused on price when they understand there is more important value on the table than simply the lowest cost
- Lower Customer Churn: Customers want to stay with suppliers that consistently deliver value to them
- Greater Upsell and Cross-sell: Customers are willing to buy more when they trust the supplier and that trust comes from the value previously delivered.

I truly believe value is the currency of selling (or buying), negotiations, and account (supplier) management – when there is a desire for an ongoing business relationship. It is also the language of business and personal success. In short, value must be managed from the initial meeting right through to delivering the agreed upon outcomes after the sale. This is the essence of the Value LifecycleTM approach.

We help our clients develop irresistible value propositions, present unique and compelling proposals, keep more value in the deal when negotiating, and get credit for the value they deliver after the sale. If you have questions about how well your organization is managing value, please reach out and we’ll be happy to meet to discuss your specific situation.

What We Believe

We believe that when both selling and buying organizations realize more value in their business dealings, then both parties will be more successful. These businesses, when they are more successful, in turn provide greater opportunities for employees, higher returns for shareholders and have more resources to invest in other stakeholders. In short, we do not live in a zero sum world. Everyone can win.

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