A Holiday Post for You

A Holiday Post for You

‘Twas the January after Christmas, and we were feeling the loss

There was wailing and crying—especially the boss

We’d lost Santa’s business the year before

The resulting financials were quite the eyesore


Our arch-nemesis had beaten us, we couldn’t believe

Apparently, they had some new tricks up their sleeve

We had offered deep discounts, we offered services for free

We believed the business was still ours, we popped champagne corks with glee

Why didn’t we realize the man in the sleigh

Was all about delivery dates and not the price he would pay?

About his seasonal workers Santa surely cares more

Than the cost of the annual inventory he must store


We had heard the stories, everyone had

The competition had a new strategy and their management team was glad

There were fresh concepts in play, so we heard

These things were called Levers and new ideas they had spurred


Value before and after the sale was their favorite word

If only, in us, something like that had stirred

Tactical transactions aren’t the thing anymore?

Cyclic thinking is required to avoid being shown the door?


This problem the reindeer have never seen

We don’t expect to find horse, or cow, or wolverine

Pulling that sleigh on Christmas Eve

Santa, the stag’s business will never relieve


It seems in all business Santa is looking to find

Forward thinking sellers who share a like mind

Ones who earn a long-term relationship and who care

Ones who understand value and are self-aware


What options do we have, which way do we turn?


It’s time for a new idea, we need a new hook

Off to Amazon.com where we might find just the right book

A keyword search later and what does appear?

The missive that may just save NEXT year!


There is that word again, Value it seems

Will replace the need for tricks, tactics, and schemes

Creating Value, Proposing Value, will there be a third?

According to Steve the idea is not unheard!


Happy Holidays to all!


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This is a tough and sometimes unwelcome question often fraught with emotion – especially for the sales team pursuing the opportunity. However, it is imperative they know a B2B opportunity is qualified and therefore worth committing precious hours and limited corporate resources in pursuing.

“It’s an approved project with budget. We’ve met with all of the key buying influencers – and they really like what we have to say!” I am willing to bet this opportunity would easily clear the “qualified” hurdle and would probably show as “upside” or perhaps even “commit” in many a sales pipeline. But is it really qualified?

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