Best Sales Call Deck for that Initial Visit

Best Sales Call Deck for that Initial Visit

After having this blog sent to me for the third time in a month by people I respect, I knew I had to share it with you. How we initially get in the door and have a compelling conversion with a prospect is perhaps one of the hardest things to do in sales – and I don’t think it gets enough attention. I have to agree with the author, Andy Raskin whom I’ve not had the pleasure of meeting, that this IS perhaps the best deck I have seen – at least when it comes to an initial call. Check it out at the following link:

If I were to summarize the attributes of this deck it would be as follows:

  • It’s short (less is more) and simple because Buyers or Prospects like it simple
  • It’s about the Customer (or Prospect) versus us
  • It doesn’t focus on a problem or pain because nobody likes to talk about problems or pain
  • Rather it paints a picture of what the future might look like when the problem or pain is gone
  • It highlights the benefits over the features themselves
  • It provides evidence of Past Value Delivered to other Customers

For those that have been following my writings, the cadence and flow of this deck is a great lead into the Proposal and then the Joint Business Plan after we win the business.  I hope you enjoy!


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Three Promises Every Sales Team Needs to Make — and Keep

Steve was recently interviewed by Elizabeth Doty for an article in PWC’s Strategy + Business.  The topic centered on the key promises that every successful sales team must make (and keep) before, during and after the sale.  Enjoy!

Three Promises Every Sales Team Needs to Make — and Keep


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