“Value is perhaps the most misunderstood concept in business. Watch this quirky video to better understand how your customers think about value.”

The Value LifecycleTM Difference

Because Selling, Negotiating and Account Management in the B2B world are not disconnected linear processes!

If your business strategy depends on not just winning new customers, but retaining and growing those customers, then here’s how the Value LifecycleTM will help you effective execute your strategy.

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Training & Workshops

Value Lifecycle TM conducts customized training workshops for executives, sales management, salespeople and cross-functional team members. Our interactive workshops address real business issues and apply key concepts to participants’ businesses, live accounts, opportunities, negotiations, and more.


There’s no shortage of sales processes that tell you it is important to “sell high” in the customer organization or sell to the “real” decision maker. It would be hard to fault this logic since it has proven successful over the years. However, the question that always comes to mind is how do you know you’ve sold high enough or sold to the right person?

Many times you are simply directed to sell to the “decision maker”. Let’s assume for a minute this signifies the person who is authorized to make the final selection decision and to authorize the issuance of a purchase order. On the surface, if we were to reach this individual, it looks like we’ve arrived. Finally, we are talking to the person that can make a decision!

Meet Steve Thompson

Steve is president and founder of Value Lifecycle TM, a strategy execution consulting practice that helps both selling and buying organizations position, negotiate, and close “must-win” deals. Steve works closely with clients to help them advance their corporate strategy, strengthen relationships with their customers and suppliers, and achieve sustainable business outcomes.

True Compass

Is this opportunity qualified? Do I have a compelling value proposition that will increase my odds of winning?

Does my proposal setup the right negotiation? What is the “right deal” for this opportunity?

Is this customer likely to renew? What is changing with the customer’s business that presents new opportunities for me?

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