“Value is perhaps the most misunderstood concept in business. Watch this quirky video to better understand how your customers think about value.”

The Value LifecycleTM Difference

Because Selling, Negotiating and Account Management in the B2B world are not disconnected linear processes!

If your business strategy depends on not just winning new customers, but retaining and growing those customers, then here’s how the Value LifecycleTM will help you effective execute your strategy.

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Value Lifecycle TM conducts customized training workshops for executives, sales management, salespeople and cross-functional team members. Our interactive workshops address real business issues and apply key concepts to participants’ businesses, live accounts, opportunities, negotiations, and more.



For a change, this blog is probably targeted more at the CFO, Finance and/or Sales Ops than my typical musings.  However, it is also applicable to sales since we are the ones positioning, negotiating and closing the deals – and I think this approach can help you do that much faster.  I first wrote about this topic in a co-authored article with Frank Cespedes of the Harvard Business School. (If you missed it CLICK HERE.)  As I stated then, while this type of approach has been applied on a deal by deal basis, I believed with thoughtful analysis, it could also be implemented for the overall business – and produce dramatic business results.

When discussing Business Strategy with executives, I find that even if they have a clear strategy, identified their ideal customer profile, and organized their go-to market strategy around these, the business results often are not meeting expectations.  In virtually every case, these companies do not have a clear definition of a great deal – meaning the right business deals to support the strategy.  This results in too many closed deals that are “unique” or downright ugly (especially with larger customers).  And when you look closely at the elements of these deals they often run counter to the stated strategy of the business – and contribute to an unhealthy business today.

Meet Steve Thompson

Steve is president and founder of Value Lifecycle TM, a strategy execution consulting practice that helps both selling and buying organizations position, negotiate, and close “must-win” deals. Steve works closely with clients to help them advance their corporate strategy, strengthen relationships with their customers and suppliers, and achieve sustainable business outcomes.

True Compass

Is this opportunity qualified? Do I have a compelling value proposition that will increase my odds of winning?

Does my proposal setup the right negotiation? What is the “right deal” for this opportunity?

Is this customer likely to renew? What is changing with the customer’s business that presents new opportunities for me?

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